Access your Active Directory for SharePoint integration

Our hosted SharePoint plans give you access to the control panel, which is tightly integrated with our

SharePoint Active Directory.

You can create users from the control panel. However, our hosted plans do not provide you access to our Active Directory server. If you need access to the Active Directory for SharePoint integration, then you need to go for Flex Dedicated or Dedicated SharePoint plans.

Features for SharePoint Active Directory sync

In the Flex Dedicated plan, you will get a dedicated front end server with full server access as administrator and access to central admin. However, the database server will be a shared server. Our Dedicated plan gives you a dedicated database instance, along with full access to the server as an administrator and access to central admin. Apart from the above, there is a host of other benefits that comes with our Flex Dedicated and Dedicated plans for SharePoint Active Directory sync; read about Flex Dedicated plans here and Dedicated plans here.